Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hotel Congress Kiss - Oil on Board - 14" x 16"

I really like doing figurative paintings but they aren't as easy as setting up outside to do a landscape or setting up a still life in your studio. However, it can be great fun coming up with a pose for your models and creating a story. I try to give my models something to work with and think about when I am setting them up so they can get in the mood and understand what I am trying to capture. There is a hotel, Hotel Congress which I love to use as my backdrop. It is a vintage hotel where Dillenger "visited" and it has that 1920-30's look to it. The owners Richard and Shana love art and have bought several of my pieces that hang in the lobby and prints that hang in the rooms. They also have one for their home. There is always an art show going on there and they also have great live music. There restaurant is terrific too. What I like about it the most is that I can bring my dog into the hotel bar/lounge and have a drink where they bring my dog a doggy bowl of water. They do this in Europe and I sure wish they could adopt this ideology here in the U.S.A. I will be going off to San Diego on Saturday and painting every day during the week. If I can figure out how to post on my son's computer, I will. By the way, Kim from Texas, the winner of last month's give-a-way painting just received the painting and I am hoping she will post something on

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